Why Cordeze


Our hands are precious…

our patients depend on them, our careers demand them. We must love and care for them.

CordEze was developed and invented by Debi Dencek, a dental hygienist and educator, certified ergonomic assessment specialist and international speaker.

Everyday, Debi found herself perpetually frustrated with the constant drag and pull forces of cables and suction tubes on her hands and wrists, trying to achieve that ever elusive perfect position. She found herself constantly readjusting, tugging, pulling and flicking her hand and wrist, hoping for the ideal position to present itself.

She realised that this annoying issue was affecting her attention and focus, her hand/instrument balance, and more worryingly, she understood that this was potentially building up long-term micro traumas and negative physical health implications.

The prevalence of general musculoskeletal pain

within dentistry ranges between
64% and 93%.

The most common cause of IHR (Ill health Retirement) In dentists

was musculoskeletal disorders (55%).
Age range 31-62. Mean age 51.

To ensure the best patient outcomes again and again, we must maintain mental focus along with optimum muscle strength, dexterity, excellent blood circulation and responsibility for our mental and physical health.

In our clinical role, we often need to adopt awkward positions, use repetitive actions and extended muscle hold  from our feet to our head. Without care and attention, we are all at risk of succumbing to long-term chronic pain.

Medical and dental clinicians are at high risk for work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). Repeated surveys show MSD’s account for the highest percentage of unplanned early retirement from the dental profession.

CordEze is one simple, yet essential way to reduce the risk

CordEze has been clinically proven to protect

A 3rd party study was recently conducted and the results were conclusive with clear reduction of fatigue and muscle workload

For further information on this study please get in touch directly.