CordEze Pivot (Fits 9-17mm HVE Hoses and Cords)

CordEze Pivot (Fits 9-17mm HVE Hoses and Cords)

The Pivot CordEze is a slightly larger wristband with additional strength to accommodate HVE hoses (Max 17mm diameter) and thick, heavier cords. The Pivot has a full 360 degree rotation to ensure ideal position for working.

Supplied with 2 Pivot Tops that accommodate all commonly used HVE hoses (Max 17mm diameter)

The Pivot Tops allow (semi) permanent placement on cables for easy, instant engagement and disengagement when working. Optional extra Tops can be purchased for additional surgeries and locations

Fully autoclavable, sterilise or disinfect. Adjustable sizing for the wrist | lower arm

Pivot CordEze wristband with 2 Pivot Tops – Black

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The Pivot CordEze Serves a Clear and Visible Purpose  

To benefit from CordEze, an innovation that encourages and develops ‘best practice’, and to reduce the risk of long-term MSD’s, we must embed it into our routine, it must become habit”.

 Debi Dencek

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