Ergonomic Cord, Cable and Hose management

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    Enhanced cord | cable | hose management

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    Better patient/customer outcomes

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    Reduce arm, hand, wrist, finger and thumb fatigue

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    Improve fine motor skills

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    No more DEATH GRIP !

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    ‘FEEL’ Cordless but stay connected!

CordEze removes the weight and drag from the wrist and hands, alleviating pain and discomfort brought on by manipulating power-driven devices in everyday work and routine procedures

CordEze is a supremely innovative and pro-ergonomic product and was developed specifically for those who use all types of hand-held corded instruments and hoses

CordEze was invented and patented by a dental hygienist. It is a soft, comfortable band worn on the wrist or lower arm, to reduce drag and weight from nearly all types of hand tools with cords, cables and hoses.

They can be used and re-positioned without tension, reducing the risk of repetitive strain injuries.

CordEze can be used for a wide variety of applications including:

  • Dentistry
  • Medical
  • Veterinary
  • Engineering
  • Hair Tattoo Laser Removal
  • and many more

For the first time, now fully available in UK through DPC Dental, authorised distributor of all CordEze® products. Cordeze.UK is owned and and managed by DPC Dental